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Andaltec's “Comp0live Biorefinery”, selected by the European Scale Up program

The objective is to launch a plant to process the pruning of the olive grove that serves as raw material for the bioplastics developed in the LIFE Comp0live project.

The “COMP0LIVE Biorefinery” proposal from the Andaltec technology center has been one of the two selected in Andalusia in the Innovation Support Program for biologically based solutions of the European SCALE-UP project. In this program, led by Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía as a partner of SCALE-UP, twelve bio-based solutions from six European regions will be supported for their entry into the market, including Andalusia.

“COMP0LIVE Biorefinery” has been conceived as an extension to the work of the European LIFE Comp0live project, led by Andaltec. In this way, the creation of a biorefinery is proposed to process olive pruning waste, which is used as raw material to manufacture polymer-based composite materials.

LIFE-Comp0live is a European R&D&I project that presents a circular economy proposal valuing olive grove pruning, which is generated in large volume throughout the Mediterranean area and with few applications. Furthermore, one of the most significant advances of this project is that, when this olive pruning fiber, suitably treated, is added to a polymer matrix as reinforcement, a composite material results with a significant improvement in its mechanical properties and that adjusts to industrial requirements. Therefore, the project proposes the creation of three new business models using the innovative biocomposite developed for the manufacture of automotive components, street furniture and home furniture.

The selection of Andaltec for this European initiative demonstrates the potential of Andalusia in the field of olive bioeconomy. In the coming months, the technology center will participate in the innovation support sessions designed in the program, which will include market evaluations and the design of business models adapted to its proposals. CTA highlights that Andaltec's proposal is based on the use of olive grove biomass, contemplating in addition to technological innovations, the generation of sustainable economic benefits for Andalusia.